Host Families

As we ourselves are a host family and have been hosting since 2012, we know that becoming a host family is a big responsibility, but in return we also know it is one that can be very rewarding, enriching a family with the opportunity of making many new friends, and sharing in what we always hope to be, a wonderful experience for your own children as well as for our visiting students.

Opportunities to host exist for; holiday periods for either home stays or camp stays, or for academic terms to an entire academic year.

What we ask of our host families;

We ask you to welcome our visiting student into your home, involve them in your family life and activities, help them settle into life in a country which may be very different from what they are used to in many aspects. Please be understanding & patient as your host child settles in and to treat them as you would hope yours be treated if they were away from home. Speak with our students, share meal times with them, always encourage them to fully integrate and to speak and spend time with all of the family as this plays a vital role in their development linguistically and culturally. It is by this, that friendships develop, which promotes a successful and happy experience for all.

We encourage you to explain certain customs and cultural differences, such as meal times, your home rules, and for older children differences in age restrictions regarding alcohol, smoking, disco and cinema entrance, etc. as these difference can sometimes lead to misunderstanding. We provide all our host families with host family guidelines covering this and more which will aid you, but you will also have our contact details and know that we are always available to advice.


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